Vanessa Akinwumi

Aduke Akinwumi (they/she) is a Nigerian multidisciplinary artist. Their artistic journey began through exploring watercolour and sketching while they were young but has recently shifted to a focus on print media and digital art. Aduke’s art practice is centred on self-exploration and works as a means to better interpret the world and process their experiences.

“By creating physical works of art, I can better understand events that have taken place in my life and gain a deeper understanding of myself” Aduke is pushed by the intrinsic desire to better understand themselves. In the quest to make sense of many of their human experiences, she has explored various themes such as perception, growth, stability and desire.

The most identifiable feature of their work stems from their exaggeration and perspective; they push the natural boundaries of both the environments and people they create, to make strikingly unique pieces. As Aduke’s art allows them to work through their experiences and hopefully let go of the painful instances that inspired them, she hopes the viewer will find connection in her work and that experiencing a small part of her will be able to push the viewer to in turn undergo their own form of self-exploration.

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