artsVest™ Calgary wraps up two years of partnerships between business and arts

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artsVest™ Calgary wraps up two years of partnerships between business and arts

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June 20, 2013

Program generated over $500,000 in sponsorship among 24 arts organizations

(Calgary AB) – Calgary Arts Development wrapped up artsVest™ Calgary yesterday, a program developed by Business for the Arts that aims to foster connections between business and the arts. artsVest™ Calgary was launched on June 15, 2011, with 12 arts organizations participating in the first year and 18 during the second. In total, 24 of these organizations created 93 business partnerships (64 of which were first-time sponsors of the arts), generating $532,737.27 in sponsorship for the arts. This includes 60 cash sponsorships, 34 in-kind sponsorships, and 25 long-term sponsorships. With matching funds included (provided by The City of Calgary via Calgary Arts Development and Canadian Heritage via Business for the Arts), the total financial impact of artsVest™ Calgary was $832,737.27.

“We congratulate Calgary on a successful program and want to thank Calgary Arts Development for their support and partnership over the past two years,” says Nichole Anderson, President & CEO of Business for the Arts. “artsVest™ has had a meaningful impact on the arts and business community and we look forward to seeing these many new partnerships flourish well into the future.”

artsVest™ Calgary included workshops for its participants, providing best practice on researching sponsor prospects whose interests aligned with the arts organization’s mission, values, and audience, crafting persuasive sponsorship proposals and stewarding sponsors. Now that the two-year partnership with Business for the Arts and artsVest™ is drawing to a close, Calgary Arts Development will continue to work with the arts community to build capacity that allows arts organizations to develop more revenue opportunities and audiences.

“Through this program, Calgary’s arts organizations have shown that with just a little support and training, they have the ability to secure innovative win-win business partnerships,” says Terry Rock, President & CEO of Calgary Arts Development. “The success of artsVest™ Calgary is one more indicator of the potential of our arts sector, particularly the small and mid-sized organizations, to build robust and sustainable sponsorship strategies and partnerships.”

About artsVest™ Calgary
artsVest™ Calgary is a sponsorship training and matching incentive program of Business for the Arts, delivered in Calgary in partnership with Calgary Arts Development and with funding from Canadian Heritage and The City of Calgary through Calgary Arts Development. The goal of artsVest™ is to help develop new, mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and arts organizations. For more information, visit

About Business for the Arts
Business for the Arts works to ensure the stability and growth of Canada’s arts and culture sector through a cohesive set of programs and initiatives that bring the public, private and arts sector together as partners in art. For more information, visit

About Calgary Arts Development
Calgary Arts Development plays a leadership role to promote, foster and direct investments that develop the capacity of Calgary’s arts sector to achieve public and artistic impact. As the city’s designated arts development authority, we are a central hub that learns about, promotes, connects, advocates for, and leads strategic initiatives in the arts to animate Calgary as a vibrant cultural centre. Calgary Arts Development allocates municipal funding for the arts provided by The City of Calgary through granting programs that support operations and innovation for more than 190 arts organizations in Calgary.


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Community Manager, Calgary Arts Development
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