Arts Spaces Networking Signup

Calgary Arts Development and The City of Calgary held an Arts Spaces Networking Night in September 2014 to connect community groups and other facility operators with artists and arts organizations looking for space. Another similar event was held in early 2015. More Arts Spaces Networking Nights will be held as there is demand.

Artists and arts organizations are invited to connect with facility operators to find rehearsal, presentation, studio and gallery spaces, and share how their activities can help enrich the surrounding community.

Community associations and other non-profit facility operators (including arts organizations) are invited to present information about their facilities such as location, amenities, and proximity to transit and parking to artists and arts organizations who can add value to your community.

Many attendees expressed an interest in sharing information regarding their available spaces and spaces needs. If you’re interested in sharing this information, please fill out the webform below.

Questions can be directed to