A photo of Nicole Tritter and a sculpture
Nicole Tritter | Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Tritter

Nicole Tritter

Dancer, visual artist, and community activist shares her action of reconciliation

Cherie McMaster

A dancer, a choreographer, a visual artist, and a community activist, Nicole Tritter created an Indigenized University of Calgary coat of arms as part of her master of fine arts research in Indigenization and actions of reconciliation.

“I definitely do identify as a dancer,” she says. “Lately I use the word interdisciplinary artist a little bit to try to encompass the other art forms I have brought into my practice. But first and foremost, I definitely am a dancer. That’s the way that I understand the world.”

The Storytelling Podcast returns with a conversation about growing as an artist, actions of reconciliation through art, and parallel practices—tune in to hear more.

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An image of an Indigenized University of Calgary coat of arms created by Nicole Tritter
Nicole Tritter’s Indigenized University of Calgary coat of arms | Image: Courtesy of Nicole Tritter

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