Calgary Arts Development’s President & CEO Patti Pon in Olympic Plaza
Patti Pon | Photo: Amy Jo Espetveidt

Patti Pon

Calgary Arts Development kicks off The Storytelling Podcast with President & CEO

Cherie McMaster

Chatting with Calgary Arts Development’s President & CEO, Patti Pon, we’re pleased to be expanding our Storytelling Project into the realm of oral tradition with the first edition of The Storytelling Podcast.

“I think most people would probably relate to us as an arts council, a funder,” says Pon. “A large part of what we do, similar to many of our sister organizations all over the world actually, is we make grant investments on behalf of, in our case our city government. We use public dollars to invest in artists, creatives, and arts organizations for the benefit of the public good.

“There’s the second part of my elevator pitch which is about who we are as Calgary Arts Development,” she continues. “And who we are is an arts champion—and a facilitator, and a bridge, and a knowledge sharer and gatherer that recognizes and has a great belief in the power of the arts to build great cities that all citizens—not some citizens—deserve.”

A born and raised Calgarian, Pon admits she loves her city but doesn’t always like it.

“We live in a time where it sometimes feels like the powers that be are finding ways to pull us a part, not bring us together. And it’s moments like that where I really believe that art and artists can bring us together.”

Tune in to hear more about what she does, who she is, and what is to come for 2019.

About The Storytelling Podcast

Sharing diverse stories of creativity in our city, The Storytelling Podcast shines a spotlight on artists and projects that connect Calgarians to the arts.

Part of The Storytelling Project, this series raises awareness about Calgarians who, by living creative lives, are making Calgary a better city, effecting positive change and enriching others’ lives.

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