Still from WeMaple video of Patti Pon

Patti Pon

Calgary Arts Development President & CEO encourages everyone to live a creative life


Starting this week, in partnership with WeMaple, Calgary Arts Development will post a video story once per month as part of The Storytelling Project. Our first video story features Calgary Arts Development President & CEO Patti Pon.

“Living a Creative Life is an arts development strategy for Calgary, by Calgarians,” says Pon. “Our overarching vision is that Calgary is a place that empowers every resident to live a creative life, fueling a vital, prosperous and connected city. These videos will become part of our Storytelling Project, which features written, podcast, and video stories about Calgarians who are living creative lives.”

WeMaple and Living a Creative Life LogosAbout The Storytelling Project & WeMaple

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to partner with WeMaple in their efforts to highlight stories of creativity in our city. This video series shines a spotlight on artists and projects in Calgary that show the importance of living a creative life.

The Storytelling Project raises awareness about Calgarians who, by living creative lives, are making Calgary a better city, effecting positive change and enriching others’ lives.

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