Amy Jo Espetveidt at Glenbow pointing at a velvet painting
Amy Jo Espetveidt at Glenbow's Amazing Velvet Experience | Photo: Mike Tan

Amy Jo Espetveidt

Content Manager

Amy Jo Espetveidt (she/her/hers) is very excited to be part of the Calgary Arts Development team and considers it a dream job. An internationally published photojournalist, her love of photography was sparked after being too preoccupied to change the high school darkroom class she was randomly placed in.

After studying photojournalism at SAIT she went fully digital and balances her time between writing and shooting, aiming for a healthy mix of both. She has a deep passion for both the arts and Calgary, combining them in volunteer commitments and work.

If Amy Jo isn’t out and about basking in Calgary’s vast arts scene, she can be found reading or gardening—depending on the season. She also spends far too much time on her phone.