A photo of Barb Howard
Barb Howard | Photo: Samuel Obadero

Barb Howard


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As a writer, the projects I get most excited about, whether in fiction or nonfiction, have to do with justice. The justice I write about can be on a community level, such as a nonfiction essay on provincial court delay, or on an individual level, such as a fictional character who unfairly metes out justice on other characters.

When it comes to my volunteer work on the Calgary Arts Development board, I’m most excited by our discussions and learning about a more just and diverse arts scene in Calgary, especially in terms of how we can help artists and organizations thrive, and how that will in turn impact the perception of arts and artists by the city as a whole.

My personal agenda involves building a Calgary that is a beacon for all arts and artists and audiences. I’m disappointed when I hear Calgary being deprecated, sometimes by Calgarians themselves, as a one-hat-no-arts town. Pay attention, I want to say. Listen. Investigate. Connect. Enjoy! But, of course, we can always do better. That’s where leadership from Calgary Arts Development and ensuring fair and strategic grant programming becomes essential.

Other passions? I’m an outdoors nut—a Jack (Jill?) of many outdoor sports and, increasingly as I age, a master of none.