A photo of Brian Frank
Brian Frank | Photo: Samuel Obadero

Brian Frank

  • Retired Oil & Gas Executive

I have been a musician almost my entire life. It has enriched me as a person and hopefully others as well. It has given me a perspective on the arts and artists and the importance of the arts to the culture and vibrancy of a community. Calgary has an active arts community that is present in so many aspects of our lives and communities.

As former president and CEO of BP Canada, BP Energy Company, and Timberwest Forest Corp., among others, I have spent most of my life working in the corporate world in different parts of the globe. It was a unique perspective to observe how arts are core to local communities and cultures no matter where you go. The arts often define local communities and contribute to the quality of life for all.

My passion for the arts and the role that it plays in maintaining a vibrant and creative city has me committed to ensuring that the arts remain a robust and integral part of our lives in Calgary.

Calgary Arts Development is such an important part of the Calgary arts scene, and I am proud to serve as the chair. We are living in challenging times for sure, and the arts sector has been impacted severely. We are committed at Calgary Arts Development to supporting the Calgary arts scene through effecting programming and a strong framework of good governance. I am delighted to be part of it.