A photo of Evan Woolley
Evan Woolley | Photo: Samuel Obadero

Evan Woolley

  • Councillor, Ward 8
  • City of Calgary

Being on the Calgary Arts Development board is like a springboard or pedestal to let people know about things that are going on in our city. Whether it’s a gallery opening, album release party, or big festival, I really take a lot of pride in helping spread the word as well as attending. And even though Calgary is often seen as a “small city,” I think we’re unique for that specific reason—we’re not Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver.

The arts are a big reason why I ran for office. I loved my job in the City’s Public Art department and it opened up my eyes to how necessary the arts are. Calgary is so much more than the rodeo—don’t get me wrong, I love Stampede but there is a lot more going on.

We have an entire planet that hasn’t been able to enjoy a gallery, festival, play, concert, or really any kind of performance and it’s taken a huge toll on us. I think the pandemic has highlighted how important the arts are to our well-being and our social fabric.

Calgary is evolving. We have a lot of talented people in Calgary that are sticking around. Years ago, those same people may have left but they’re now realizing that Calgary offers a great balance of livability and opportunity. Our recent work acknowledging and promising actions to address systemic racism in our city will further enhance quality of life, inclusion, and diversity. I look forward to integrating that work as a member of the board.