An image of Jacilyn Blackwood

Jacilyn Blackwood

Contract Public Art Project Lead

Jacilyn Blackwood is an Amiskwaciy Waskahikanan/ Edmonton based artist and consultant. She graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2011 with a major in painting. Her personal practice focuses on identity and conflict through paintings and small dioramas arranged in large scale installations.

She has a business painting pet portraits which helps her to focus on some good and disconnect from all the heaviness of the world.

She has over 15 years of experience working in Provincial and Municipal Governments in Wildfire, Parks, and Public Art. This combination of experience has helped her to develop an understanding of processes that work and those that do not. She looks forward to bringing her awareness and understanding to Calgary Arts Development and working collaboratively with people who are committed to removing barriers and creating opportunities for everyone to participate, learn from, and enjoy Public Art in Calgary/ Moh’kinsstis.