A photo of Oliver Ho
Oliver Ho | Photo: Samuel Obadero

Oliver Ho

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  • JSS Barristers

I grew up in Calgary participating in local arts programs, first as child and then as a young adult. To me, the arts were a source of social interaction, friendships, and fun. It wasn’t until I became a parent that I began to see the arts from the perspective of being a source of education, and development of individuals and of community.

Calgary deserves a vibrant arts scene, not only because it is a source of entertainment for citizens, but also because it is a source of identity for many Calgarians and Calgary. For everyone that calls Calgary home, and for everyone that is a proud Calgarian, the arts are, either directly or indirectly, a part of us. Calgary Arts Development’s support to the arts scene contributes to the foundation of the city that we love.

I am hopeful that I can play a small role in continued public art funding through Calgary Arts Development so that any person who wants to can be a part of the creation of art, and any person that wants to can be entertained by art.