A promo photo of Perpetual Atife with her saxophone
Perpetual Atife | Photo: DelaDee Edison

Perpetual Atife

Meet the 2021 Calgary Catholic Immigration Society New Canadian Artist Award winner

Cherie McMaster

A Nigeria-born, saxophonist, songwriter, arts manager, culture enthusiast, and aspiring producer, Perpetual Atife is constantly carving expressive means to weave pieces of her life’s experiences and dreams into an open box of treasure—her music.

Also known by her stage name, Perpie, she won the 2021 Calgary Catholic Immigration Society New Canadian Artist Award at this year’s Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions and is currently the Calgary Public Library’s Newcomer Artist in Residence. You can catch her final concert in that role on September 11, 2021.

“Perpie is a regular person—an ordinary person—with artistic aspirations and drive,” she explains. “I’m from a very diverse country, a very diverse place, that resembles life in Calgary. You have different people, different languages, different tribes, and that’s Nigeria. We have over 100 languages in Nigeria and that’s where I’m from.

“It’s the culture and traditions in my country—the diversity—that empowers me to, you know, try for more, and create something unique.”

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear about her journey into music, why Calgary has become her home, and how she has connected with the local arts community.

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