Memorial Parkway Program Lead Artist Info Session Online

Applying for the Memorial Parkway Program Lead Artist? You can find more information and advice in this online and on-demand information session.

Calgary Arts Development is seeking professional artists to join The City of Calgary’s design team for the Memorial Parkway Program.

The lead artist(s) will develop a public art program for this lively outdoor space throughout the infrastructural redevelopment of the area. The mandate of this initiative is to deliver expansive placemaking opportunities for multiple public spaces.

Being brought into the design team at this stage of the project could facilitate the integration of artworks into the flood barrier or nearby pathway system, or the development of art concepts for multiple unique opportunities anchoring a public art program that stretches along the north bank of the Bow River, between Centre St. and 14 St. NW.

The lead artist(s) will be expected to begin work with the design team in mid-March 2024. This is a multi-year project – installations or programming may continue into 2027.

This project takes place in Calgary, AB, Canada and is open to international applicants.

Be sure to read the full guidelines and apply by 4:30pm MT on January 26, 2024.

If you have any questions or need help completing an application, please contact the public art team at