Calgary in the New Economy: The Economic Strategy for Calgary

Calgary Economic Development

During the past year, over 1,800 Calgarians came together to share their vision for the city.

Through incredible devotion to Calgary and a strong desire to build a better community, this collaborative effort paved the way to the creation of the new economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy.

An economic strategy is a roadmap that directs collaborative economic development activities and establishes shared priorities with, and for, community stakeholders.

This update puts greater focus on the enablers of growth. Of the challenges we face, the biggest risk may be the rapid advances in technology in our industrial sectors. The capacity for a company, or an entire industry, to effectively employ technology to be more productive will be crucial to success. The convergence of technologies will be equally disruptive to the labour force. The skilling and re-skilling of our workforce to accommodate the changing nature of the work is a major driver of this update.

The most recent update identifies the creative industries as a key emerging cluster.

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The cover for Calgary Economic Development's Calgary in the New Economy: The Economic Strategy for Calgary