Doug and Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award

The Doug and Lois Mitchell Outstanding Calgary Artist Award was established to honour artists who are lauded for their work in national and international arenas and choose to make Calgary their home. Regardless of career length, these artists are acknowledged by their peers around the world for the caliber of their work and their contributions to the arts. They are innovators who have significantly enriched artistic discourse in Canada.  This award is an opportunity for Calgarians to celebrate our own.

This is a $5,000 cash award, with funds intended to support artistic work. The award will be presented to the recipient as part of the Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions event in March 2020.

This award was established by Doug and Lois Mitchell and Calgary 2012 and is a legacy project of Calgary’s year as a Cultural Capital of Canada.

Doug and Lois Mitchell

As the co-chairs of Calgary 2012, Calgary’s year as a Cultural Capital of Canada, Their Honours helped shine a spotlight on the vibrancy of arts, culture, and heritage in our city.

Beyond our Cultural Capital year, Doug and Lois Mitchell know that our city’s artists need to continue to be recognized in the global arena for their talent and contributions to Calgary. That’s why they saw the need to establish an award that calls attention to those artists who receive accolades from their international peers, and acknowledges their role in the continued success of our city.

Award Rules and Criteria


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Nomination Form

Nomination Form

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Previous Recipients: Jean Grand-Maître (2013), Chris Cran (2014), Rebecca Northan (2015), Old Trout Puppet Workshop (2016), Kris Demeanor (2017), Sandi Somers (2018), George Webber (2019), Katie Ohe (2020)

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