Rozsa Foundation Emerging Arts Administrator Award

The Rozsa Foundation Emerging Arts Administrator Award is a $5,000 cash award intended to recognize and encourage the role of professional arts managers and administrators who are dedicating their careers to promoting and supporting the work of Calgary’s artists and not-for-profit arts organizations. In a climate where budgets and resources are limited and operating contexts are shifting, the work of these professionals needs to be as creative as the artists and organizations they serve.

This award honours an emerging arts administrator or manager in the early stages of their career whose dedication and innovation in their field have elevated the work of the artists or arts organizations they serve. The recipient of the Rozsa Foundation Emerging Arts Administrator Award also receives no-cost entry into one of the Rozsa Foundation’s Arts Leadership programs, as determined in consultation between the recipient and the Rozsa Foundation.

The award will be presented to the recipient as part of the Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions event in 2021 or at an alternate awards presentation event. This award was established by the Rozsa Foundation as well as Calgary 2012, and is a legacy project of Calgary’s year as a Cultural Capital of Canada.

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Previous Recipients: Bethany Yon (2019), Erin MacLean-Berko (2020), Bianca Miranda (2021)

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