SpaceFinder Alberta FAQ

SpaceFinder Alberta links organizations with space to rent with those who need space.

Calgary Arts Development, in partnership with ArtsBuild Ontario, Fractured Atlas, and Arts Habitat Edmonton launched SpaceFinder Alberta in Calgary in 2016 and in Edmonton in 2017. SpaceFinder Alberta receives generous support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

SpaceFinder is a proven technology created and developed by Fractured Atlas, a US non-profit arts service organization. This online marketplace links organizations that have space to rent with those who need space. Our goal is to help organizations (community, volunteer, non-profit, etc.) and venues efficiently find suitable users for their under-used space through this online tool. SpaceFinder Alberta is free to list, free to search.

[x_accordion_item title=”Where do I Look for Space?“]Calgary venues are now on SpaceFinder Alberta.

[x_accordion_item title=”Where Can I List a Space?“]Venues throughout Alberta can now be listed on SpaceFinder Alberta.

[x_accordion_item title=”Where Can I Find More Help?“]Contact for more information.[/x_accordion_item]

[x_accordion_item title=”What is the Web Address for SpaceFinder Alberta?“]Visit[/x_accordion_item]

[x_accordion_item title=”Can I Watch an Overview for Venues?“]Absolutely. Visit[/x_accordion_item]

[x_accordion_item title=”Is There a Knowledge Base Where I Can Find Out More Details?“]Visit Fractured Atlas for their searchable in-depth Knowledge Base at[/x_accordion_item]

[x_accordion_item title=”Are There Social Media Accounts for SpaceFinder AB?“] Follow SpaceFinder Alberta on Twitter at @SpaceFinderAB and tag your spaces with #SpaceFinderAB.[/x_accordion_item]

[x_accordion_item title=”Are There Templates or Toolkits I Can Access?“]

[x_accordion_item title=”Can I View Videos or Webinar Sessions?“]

Making SpaceFinder Work For You

Video link – Optimizing Bookings For Your Renters

Video link – Streamlining Revenues webinar

ArtsBuild Ontario also presents its Learning Series, a collection of learning opportunities for arts facilities around ArtsBuild’s core programs, including SpaceFinder.

Watch recordings of past events and webinars at [/x_accordion_item]

SpaceFinder Alberta is made possible by: