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Staci Duchene | Photo courtesy of Staci Duchene

Staci Duchene

Artist and activist continues the traditions of her Indigenous ancestors.

Cherie McMaster & Sable Sweetgrass

Staci Duchene’s involvement in activism–from Oka to Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls–has shaped her life and her art.

Duchene, a member of Calgary Arts Development’s Indigenous advisory committee and an artist receiving funding from the Original Peoples Investment Program, uses art as a vehicle for activism. 

“That’s part of where art can fit in … art and activism, it’s kind of like a fine line, but I find a lot of people are more willing to open up to the activism when they have something visually to look at.”

Tune in to hear more from Duchene on how traditional raised beadwork has been passed down through the generations of her family, and what inspires her about the community and future of Indigenous artists.

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