A photo of Wunmi Idowu
Wunmi Idowu | Photo: Samuel Obadero, Motif Photography

Wunmi Idowu

The Black Arts Development Program seeks to help Black artists flourish

Cherie McMaster

Founder and director of Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre, choreographer, dancer, filmmaker, producer, and member of the Cultural Instigators program in the Black led spiral, Wunmi Idowu is working towards equipping Black artists with the tools needed in order to succeed in Calgary’s arts sector. 

“We need(ed) to do something that would train and develop actors and dancers and visual artists and musicians, and even train them in media, to be able to allow them to flourish, and be able to allow them to be used in this city, to continue to be a part of the fabric of the arts sector.”

The Black Arts Development Program was created to offer opportunities for Black artists to learn from Black instructors, to train and hone their skills in order to thrive in their craft.

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear more about the Cultural Instigators Black led spiral and the Black Arts Development Program, as well as upcoming workshops and events arising out of this initiative.

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