Youth pose for a photo at the WordsWorth summer camp


A summer camp for language lovers, WordsWorth participants use the Kananaskis woods to fuel imaginations as they write the stories of their lives.

Summer Dreams – Pillars of Humanity hangs in the Genesis Centre


This Forest Lawn-based arts company uses the tools of creativity to stitch together a community out of a lot of young people who may feel alone.

Thundering Nations International on stage for Our Canada, Our Story

Our Canada, Our Story

How do you grow a community out of a world full of different ones? For Action Dignity, it means working with more than 70 different cultural communities.

A photo of the Calgary Film Centre at sunset

The Film Centre

The tone of the articles told one story. The data told another. The Calgary Film Centre generated $178 million in spinoff economic activity in 2017 alone.

Project participant David Munoz introduces his interpretive experience of Lougheed House

Lougheed House

How do you connect a museum to its community? That’s the question the people who run Lougheed House ask a lot these days.

Jarret Tymen and Sol Chiniquay from the Nakoda AV Club

Nakoda AV Club

Growing up in Morley, Jarret Tymen (Twoyoungmen) loved to watch movies with his dad. He wasn’t the only kid in Morley who did, either.


Ernesto, Tori & Sir Duncan✨
hand painted by yours truly

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We should never lose sight of the fact that doodling as creative expression is a worthy goal. And even me as artists, doodling can be an underused tool.

I struggled on and off with feelings of creative block and artistic inadequacy I have been doing art fro the past 3 years but just 1-year full-time art as my profession. Time to time I just start doodling and something triggers in my brain and my whole mood changes. While doodling, I reflect on so many things happening in my life.

When I paint I get that same “high” I remember from painting and drawing back in school. I think doodling unlocks a new avenue for my artistic expression.

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Doodling can help us focus and makes it easier to listen. It can relieve stress and improve productivity. It can also help in memory retention; doodle a number or word or image that involves what’s being addressed and it’s more likely to stay with you.

Doodles fill gaps, possibly by activating the brain’s “time travel machine,” allowing it to find lost puzzle pieces of memories, bringing them to the present, and making the picture of our lives more whole again. With this greater sense of self and meaning, we may be able to feel more relaxed and concentrate more.

If you’re struggling to concentrate, find yourself stuck or feeling “incomplete,” a time-limited doodle expedition could be just the thing you need for. It will likely activate your brain’s “unfocus” circuits, give your “focus” circuits a break, and allow you to more creatively and tirelessly solve a problem at hand.

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