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Słavek Petraczyk

Słavek Petraczyk

Słavek Petraczyk is an artist with an interest in architecture, spaces and in the overlooked and seemingly insignificant details around him. Tune in to The…Read more

Author Suzette Mayr, wearing a grey winter coat and standing in front of a snowy tree.

Art to the Rescue

Award-winning Calgary author Suzette Mayr shares how art helps her find her people and herself, how it speaks to us and about us, how it…Read more

Stacey Perlin laughing next to a plant

Stacey Perlin

Stacey Perlin and the Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing offers those struggling with mental health issues support and inspiration by starting positive and constructive conversations.Read more

Photo of Kristy North Peigan, aka Kristicles in cosplay attire.

Episode 53: Otafest Pt. 2

We continue to explore the stories behind the scenes of this year's Otafest. Meet Kristy North Peigan, aka Kristicles, a Blackfoot woman who creates amazing…Read more

Photo of dancers at Unganisha

How Art Can Change the Narrative

Meet local artists using their creative skills to connect with communities and propel social change in this Create Calgary story exploring the transformative power of…Read more

Gladzy Kei poses in cosplay against a sunset landscape

Episode 52: Otafest Pt. 1

Otafest is upon us, and in this episode we explore the origins of the festival, find out what to expect and meet past attendees who…Read more

Photograph of Sydonne Warren

Sydonne Warren

In this week's Storytelling Podcast, learn how artist Sydonne Warren transitioned from interests in architecture, design and social media influencing to public art and mural…Read more

A woman wearing all black holds a red guitar onstage

Episode 51: Rock the Nation

Living a Creative Life visits Studio Bell to talk to Lisa Jacobs and Stephanie Hutchinson, who are working onstage and behind the scenes to bring…Read more