Video still with Kate Stevens and the word Youth Musicans of Music Mile Alliance

Kate Stevens

Born and raised right here in Calgary, Kate Stevens might be young but that hasn’t stopped her from influencing the next generation of musical talent.

Photo of Jamal Hamadeh squeezing a citrus fruit into his mouth

Jamal Hamadeh

Jamal Hamadeh sits down with Dave Kelly to chat about Calgary’s music scene, the city’s thriving hip-hop culture, and the evolving genre.

Still from WeMaple video of Patti Pon

Patti Pon

A new partnership with WeMaple, The Storytelling Project launches its first video piece featuring Calgary Arts Development’s own President & CEO, Patti Pon.

Photo of Danny Eisenberg

Danny Eisenberg

A way of using our hands to get our brains under control, if you’re the kind of person who likes making stuff, Danny Eisenberg is someone you should get to know.

Photo of Barb Howard

Barb Howard

Some creative lives are birthed from unlikely venues. Calgary author Barb Howard discovered her highly creative life—believe it or not—in a law office.