A photo of Troy Emery Twigg wearing a peaked cap next to a photo of a microphone on a picnic table with hoodoos in the background.

Troy Emery Twigg

A dancer and choreographer, Troy Emery Twigg was always fascinated by the movement of the body as a means of expression, but it took some time before he started using the art form to tell his own stories.

An image of Alycia Two Bears

Episode 32

This month, explore a Two-Spirit mural in Kensington, celebrate a songwriter’s country roots, catch up with Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society and celebrate local filmmakers at CIFF.

An image of Mary Grace Linton

Mary Grace Linton

After discovering a love of arts in high school, this maker finds joy and satisfaction in painting, paper crafts and playing with Lego. Now she hopes to inspire other to embrace their creativity as well.

An image of Kevin Littlelight

Kevin Littlelight

Indigenous film director and writer Kevin Littlelight’s creative journey involved some difficult choices in an effort to pursue a rewarding career in filmmaking.

An image of a young woman in front of two works of Asian-inspired art

Episode 31

Discover how NUTV provides students with media skills to explore filmmaking, how a local visual artist draws from her roots and meditates on family, and meet a talented composer telling stories through songwriting.

An image of Melanee Murray-Hunt

Melanee Murray-Hunt

A prolific and talented actor, Melanee Murray-Hunt’s creative journey has spanned a career in theatre, television, film, as well as working for social change within the arts.


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TO BE Continued….

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