Tanya Koshowski Photographed by Robyn Jamieson

Tanya Koshowski

Dave Kelly sits down with Tanya Koshowski to talk about the amazing work Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids does every day in our community. Tune into this week’s Village Radio.

Storytelling Project Jenn Nguyen

Jenn Nguyen

Years ago, when she studied at the Alberta College of Art + Design, Jenn Nguyen discovered that the history of art is complex and sometimes misunderstood.

Jarett Sitter photographed by Mike Tan

Jarett Sitter

From illustrating concert posters to animating music videos, local mixed media artist Jarett Sitter has done it all. Tune in as he shares his story on Village Radio.

Kevin Davies on Village Radio

Kevin Davies

Taking a big, smelly problem, and turning it into a business, tune into this week’s episode of Village Radio and hear how Hop Compost came to be.


Sable Sweetgrass

Sable Sweetgrass has a story to tell, but talking with the local writer, playwright, and filmmaker is a little like going for a walk in an unfamiliar place.

Village Radio Matt Hamill

Matt Hamill

This week on Village Radio, Dave Kelly sits down with local malster Matt Hamill to talk about how his passion for malting has led to a creative life.