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Episode 43

In this episode we meet creator Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed of ALCLA Native Plants, discover East Asian cuteness culture with ceramics by Mao Projects, and learn about Inuit Art with Sophia Lebessis.

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Patti Pon

Patti Pon is a community leader and a champion for the arts in Calgary. Tune into this week’s podcast to hear more about Pon’s enthusiasm for the city’s arts scene and the people that make it happen.

An image of artist Jaqueline Huskisson painting on a window

Jacqueline Huskisson

Artist Jacqueline Huskisson considers how her artwork fits into the realm of narrative and how narrative can be used in alternate forms such as public art and beyond.

Image of Olha Bosak with her artwork

Olha Bosak

Drawing from a career in the global energy sector and a talent for painting, Olha Bosak is a Ukrainian artist and innovator bridging her passion for art with the complexities of renewable energy.

An image of artist Rawry of Rawry and Pohly

Episode 42

This week we visit Chinatown’s latest mural by artists Rawry and Pohly, meet Lisa Kwong who combines fashion with social issues, and learn how Stride Gallery helps creatives experiment with their craft.

Image of Danielle Hanson doing a person's makeup

Danielle Hanson

An early morning drive in the pouring rain started makeup artist Danielle Hanson down a creative road that has her bringing characters to life on shows like HBO’s The Last of Us.


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In this month’s episode of Living a Creative Life Web Series, we find out about the science and arts of plants from creator Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed of ALCLA Native Plants (@alclanativeplants).

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