Still from WeMaple video of Patti Pon

Patti Pon

A new partnership with WeMaple, The Storytelling Project launches its first video piece featuring Calgary Arts Development’s own President & CEO, Patti Pon.

Photo of Danny Eisenberg

Danny Eisenberg

A way of using our hands to get our brains under control, if you’re the kind of person who likes making stuff, Danny Eisenberg is someone you should get to know.

Photo of Barb Howard

Barb Howard

Some creative lives are birthed from unlikely venues. Calgary author Barb Howard discovered her highly creative life—believe it or not—in a law office.

Photo of Nyabuoy Gatbel

Nyabuoy Gatbel

For Nyabuoy Gatbel, family, work, art, philosophy, and business—everything—intertwines. That’s why it’s important to live a creative life.

Photo of Aman Adatia

Aman Adatia

It’s life, that’s for sure. Through tremendous joy and tremendous heartbreak—for the founder of FARE Community and Eat Naaco, Aman Adatia, life goes on.

John Lacey on the Jack Singer stage

John Lacey

A lifelong love of music led to a philanthropic spark. After all, John Lacey not only loves music—he loves connecting with the people who make it.