A photo of Lalit Jain at Everest Base Camp

Lalit Jain

Lalit Jain believes yoga provides an avenue to tap into the abundant creativity that resides within each of us, unifying body, breath, and mind.

Gayathri Shukla sitting next to a mountain lake

Gayathri Shukla

Gayathri Shukla knows the importance of storytelling and how story crafting allows her to be her authentic self. Tune into this week’s podcast to hear her story.

Adora Nwofor pulls ink across a silk screen to make a print

Episode 16

Join Adora Nwofor for another celebration of creative Calgarians who live their most authentic lives while making our city so vibrant.

A watercolour painting of landscape alongside tools of the trade

#yycLCL March 2021

Using the unique attributes of watercolour on canvas to her advantage, Linnea Martina’s intention is to spark personal recollections in the viewer.

Karen Begg and Adora Nwofor in the Studio West Bronze Foundry, working on a bronze chicken statue

Episode 15

Join Adora Nwofor and meet some uniquely talented Calgarians who are taking their creativity to new heights by diversifying and sharing their skills.


We are so delighted about this collaboration between dana_prather and rosemary.m7 🌸

They’re working with other super rad artists on Good Grief! as part of Downstage's #StageIt program. Find out more about their #PodPlay on our website (link in bio). Dana and Rosemary began with Downstage as Student Ambassadors in 2019! Now, they’re with us as they create this "personal exploration of what it means to grieve", which will be available online in June. Stay tuned for details about accessing this new work.

"Dana and Rosemary put the fun in funeral!"

Creative Team

Dana Prather, Creator/ Performer

Rosemary Morrison, Creator/ Performer

Lauren Han, Dramaturg

Liz Page, Sound Designer

photo of Dana by Isabella Morton
photo of Rosemary by Tim Nguyen

#Mohkinstsis #yycarts #yyclcl #yyctheatre #GoodGrief #NewWork #NewPlayDevelopment #EmergingArtists #FreshWork

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“JUST KEEP SWIMMIN’” has SOLD. Byron the Grizzly will be shipped to his new home this weekend. ...

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Turbulence. What a week! Holding onto the big picture took some effort. And daily walks. ...

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