Rebbekah Ogden and Laura Vaughters holding a portrait

Sisterhood Seen

When local artist Rebbekah Ogden took a recording of herself painting a self-portrait of her sister Laura Vaughters, a photographer, the video received millions of…Read more

A collage of three photos showing (from left to right): Ryle Ramirez standing and wearing a Hawaiian-style shirt with artwork on the walls in the background; a head shot of Danielle Desmarais wearing glasses with bright blue frames against a dark background; and Conrad Walz wearing a white shirt, dark vest and black hat, singing and playing guitar onstage.

All in a (Creative) Day's Work

Meet three Calgary artists holding full-time day jobs outside their art practice and learn how they integrate art into their daily lives. These stories illustrate…Read more

Author Suzette Mayr, wearing a grey winter coat and standing in front of a snowy tree.

Art to the Rescue

Award-winning Calgary author Suzette Mayr shares how art helps her find her people and herself, how it speaks to us and about us, how it…Read more

Photo of dancers at Unganisha

How Art Can Change the Narrative

Meet local artists using their creative skills to connect with communities and propel social change in this Create Calgary story exploring the transformative power of…Read more

Kids holding jellyfish puppets at Olympic Plaza

Reimagining Arts Education

Giving kids access to art provides more than joy and memorable moments. These experiences develop critical life skills, build identify and create connection to the…Read more

A woman with her eyes closed and arms raised above her head, wearing a designer gown by Devery and earrings by Indi City

Telling Our Stories

The surge of creativity and entrepreneurship by Indigenous designers is happening alongside the truth and reconciliation journey of many Canadian institutions and individuals.Read more

Amplifying Calgary's Arts Scene

Amplifying Calgary's Arts Scene

For every public art piece, theatre show or film production, a lot goes on behind the scenes. All of this work injects capital into Calgary…Read more