All Opportunities at a Glance

Grants, artist calls and other funding opportunities available through our Grant Investment and Public Art programs.

Grant Investment Programs at a Glance

Future Focus Program

Deadline May 17, 2024

Deadline August 16, 2024

Deadline November 1, 2024

This program is intended to support arts organizations as they explore new directions, examine structural change and address life cycle questions.Read more

Honouring the Children Grant

With the support of our Indigenous Advisory, Calgary Arts Development has named a $75,000 funding pool the Honouring the Children Grant.Read more

Indigenous Artist Microgrant

This program is intended to support First Nations, Métis, and Inuit artists living and working in the Treaty 7 region for activities and expenses related to the preservation of Indigenous culture and tradition.Read more

Project Grant Program – Organizations

Applications open May 20, 2024

This program is intended to provide one-time project funding to registered non-profit arts organizations and current operating grant clients in Calgary.Read more

Original Peoples Investment Program

Applications open July 3, 2024

The Original Peoples Investment Program supports the preservation and revitalization of First Nation/Métis/Inuit art through arts-based projects and activities.Read more

Public Art Opportunities at a Glance

Standing Offer: Public Art Curators

Deadline September 30, 2024

Calgary Arts Development is accepting applications from qualified consultants and contractors to join a standing list of curators who may be called up for projects that would benefit from a curatorial process.Read more

Memorial Parkway Program Lead Artist

Applications closed

Calgary Arts Development is seeking professional artists to join The City of Calgary’s design team for the Memorial Parkway Program. Apply by January 31, 2024.Read more

Community-Run Public Art Microgrant Program 2023

Applications closed

The 2023 Community-Run Microgrants are open to community-run organizations including informal groups that define themselves in terms of distinct communities, neighbourhood associations and non-profit organizations.Read more