North Central BRT Shelter Artwork 2023

North Central BRT Shelter Artwork 2023

Applications closed

October 5, 2023: Full guidelines published
October 12, 2023: Applications open
November 10, 2023: Application deadline (no applications accepted after 4:30pm MT)
Early December 2023: Evaluation of applications
Mid-December 2023: Notification of results
January 2024: Funds distributed

Download the Guidelines as a PDF
Download the Shelter Image Template

Program Overview

Calgary Arts Development is partnering with The City of Calgary’s Bus Rapid Transit program to add artworks to new bus rapid transit shelters. We welcome artists who live, work or have a connection to north central Calgary, specifically along the transit line from Centre Street through Harvest Hills Boulevard North to submit digital images of existing, original 2D artwork that demonstrates how being a part of a community impacts your everyday life through shared values, trust and care.

Selected artworks will be enlarged and printed onto the glass of 16 bus shelters for the North Central Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. Up to 32 images may be selected from this call.

This opportunity is open to anyone who self-identifies as an artist. Artists working in any two-dimensional medium are encouraged to apply (e.g., painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, fibre, photography, digital art, etc.).

Artists will be paid $1,750 per selected image; this amount is above current CARFAC rates for the permanent reproduction of artworks.

Designs will be installed in 2024.

Artists interested in submitting artwork are asked to respond to three questions:

  • What is your connection to one or more of the communities along the North Central Calgary BRT line?
  • How does your artwork reflect what it means to be part of a community?
  • Describe your art practice and how it connects to the project goals.

Artists may submit up to 10 JPEG images of their original artwork for consideration:

  • Images may be presented individually or in pairs. Each bus shelter will have two images (not necessarily from the same artist).
  • Images must be submitted as an individual file and placed on the shelter template provided.
  • Images may be suggested for specific locations, and artists should indicate if their images could be considered for all locations.
  • If selected, artists must be prepared to provide a high-resolution digital image of their submission.

Artists are advised that:   

  • Artwork will be enlarged to a maximum width of 182.9 cm, or 72 inches.
  • Due to the limitations of printing on glass, the reproduction will not be an exact representation of the original artwork.
  • All submissions must be cleared for copyright reproduction.

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Need Help Applying?

We recognize that barriers within the arts community exist, particularly for equity seeking communities, and that there are many unique entry points into an artistic practice and career in the arts. If you are unsure about eligibility, please reach out to discuss this with the program specialist before applying. You’ll also find answers to some common questions in our Investment Program FAQ.

There are two policies available for potential applicants who may need accommodations or assistance to apply to this program, such as translating program guidelines and applications. These policies are available to potential applicants even if they decide not to apply to the program.

  • An Accommodation & Accessibility Policy for potential applicants who experience barriers to access, to develop accommodations that suit their abilities and situations.
  • The Application Assistance Policy for eligible applicants to alleviate some of the financial costs associated with preparing and submitting an application.

Calgary Arts Development is committed to open, fair and transparent processes. If you have any questions, want help with feedback on your application or if it’s your first time applying, please don’t hesitate to contact the program specialist as early as you can to ensure they can provide the best support possible. Staff can provide feedback on your application up to 10 days before application deadlines.

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Information Session

The information session for this program will be held online on the October 20, 2023, from 1 – 2:30pm. The purpose of these sessions is to provide more context about the program, including specific goals and criteria. It will also provide some approaches, examples and questions that might be helpful to consider when determining if you will apply and how best to do so.


If you have any questions or need help completing an application, please contact the public art team at

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