Lanre Ajayi at Beakerhead


An exhibition of awe-inspiring artworks, and contemporary curiosities, join Lanre Ajayi for a look at Beakerhead’s Spectacle.

A photo of Harpreet Dayal against a mural in the East Village

Harpreet Dayal

An artist, learner, and believer in the power of art to build connection, cultivate love, and heal, Harpreet Dayal is the founder of the Love Notes Project.

Lanre Ajayi speaks to a performer at GlobalFest


Showcasing Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence, Lanre Ajayi swung by Alberta’s most explosive festival to get a taste of the celebration.

A photo of Brian Brennan

Brian Brennan

When Brian Brennan moved to Calgary in 1974, he had no idea thousands of theatre reviews, feature stories, obituaries, and 16 books were ahead of him.

Lanre Ajayi at Country Thunder

Country Thunder

North America’s premier touring country music festival, Country Thunder rolled back into Calgary this summer and Lanre Ajayi was on hand to capture it.

A photo of Sable Sweetgrass

Sable Sweetgrass

A short story writer, playwright, and filmmaker, Sable Sweetgrass works at Calgary Arts Development as the grants specialist for Indigenous programs.

Lanre Ajayi and Alison Hinds at Carifest


Enjoy the sound, music, and food from an island paradise! Lanre Ajayi swung by Carifest, a local celebration of Caribbean culture.


Day 6 - Library books.
I had a lot of fun with this one. Not as much fun to photograph though--I even adjusted the colour a tiny bit in the photo, but it still looks better and more vibrant in real life. I try to always take straight photographs in natural light to keep them as close to the painting as possible, but I am just not a photographer; I'm a painter! #yycart #yycartist #yyclcl #watercolour #paintingfromlife #artkeepsgoing

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Our hearts still flutter when remembering this performance from Kris Sujata & Laura Reid... // AWE #4
/// March 20, 2019
//// Stride Gallery
.📸 Paul Yang .
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