A video still of Adora Nwofor and Wunmi Idowu sitting next to each other talking in front of a film screen

Episode 48: Unganisha and an artist on skates

This week you are invited to explore, connect and dance with Woezo Africa’s film screening of Unganisha, and to meet a local figure skater competing at the upcoming Special Olympic Canada Winter Games with other artistic skills.

An image of two women facing each other looking at a phone with green lights in the background

Episode 47: Chinook Blast Part 2

Take a deeper dive behind the scenes of Chinook Blast! Big Art’s Paul Magnusson says what he’s looking forward to, Jeff Hessel of Tourism Calgary shares the inspiration behind the festival, and Shannon Reinholdt of aGoGo reveals how she keeps warm.

An image of three women in silver snowsuits in the snow against green lights

Episode 46: Chinook Blast Part 1

Explode into winter with Chinook Blast and a few of the fabulous artists that help make the winter festival a memorable event—JiaJia Li’s instrumental band Ginger Beef, Paul Magnuson’s Big Art, Tracy Marie of aGoGo and local musician Chris Maric hosts One Big Jam.

A still image of Justine Bui

Episode 45

This week, P. Susanah Windrum turns found metal objects into jewelry; Justine Bui sheds light on the harmful practice of colourism; and Trish Weatherup of ARC says when members sing for the community, they get back as much as they give.

An image of tattoo artist Mario Griffiths tattooing the leg of a client

Episode 44

This month we meet Angie Rees, an artist who embraces the lighter side of art and life, learn about the art of tattoo with Mario Griffiths, and hear from Sam Walker about his art and those who have helped his practice evolve.

An image of Sophia Lebessis in profile with a piece of Inuit art beside

Episode 43

In this episode we meet creator Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed of ALCLA Native Plants, discover East Asian cuteness culture with ceramics by Mao Projects, and learn about Inuit Art with Sophia Lebessis.

An image of artist Rawry of Rawry and Pohly

Episode 42

This week we visit Chinatown’s latest mural by artists Rawry and Pohly, meet Lisa Kwong who combines fashion with social issues, and learn how Stride Gallery helps creatives experiment with their craft.

An image of Teresa Tam with a Bus Stop Sign

Episode 41

In this week’s web series, see Katie Ohe’s sculpture in motion, stop by the arcade with artist Teresa Tam, and visit the places we leave behind with Ryle Ramirez.

An image of DJ Sarah Good Medicine

Episode 40

This week sees an artist follow her heart and reclaim her passion, an author writing from a place of love, and a rapper who prescribes hip hop as good medicine.


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