10 Ways Project

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10 Ways Project

With support from a Digital Now grant from Canada Council for the Arts, TRAction is seeking 10 artists for its upcoming 10 Ways series.

Specifically, in this first iteration of the series, TRAction will commission 10 artists to create original content (in the form of 1-minute videos) that address the topic 10 Ways to Fix the Planet.

These videos–which will be widely shared via multiple social media platforms–will be developed in part through an active participatory process (via Zoom) that joins artists with Indigenous knowledge keepers, scientists, youth, climate specialists, and activists.

In more detail, TRAction is seeking 10 highly qualified and diverse performance artists from across northern Turtle Island (Canada) who can create content (dance, theatre, spoken word, sound and/or other video-prone content) to create pithy video shorts for widespread media sharing.

The project will be enacted via a participatory and facilitated process that joins artists and community members (as listed above) in an in-depth dialogue to develop 10 would-be solutions to current crises. Quite clearly, finding ways to fix the planet proposes an outrageous goal, but it is the attempt to entertain such a lofty goal that offers an opening for both humour and exchange.

Each of the 10 artists will be given a budget (of $2500 all-inclusive fee and materials, plus $1000 for videography/edit) to develop a one-minute video. The videos will be collected and released via TRAction’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok), as well as through other live and on-line screenings over the coming three years.

Budget Expectations:

  • Artist fee $1300
  • Artists costs $1200
  • Videography/editing fee $1000


Artist Application Deadline: April 25, 2022
Successful Artists Notified: May 6, 2022
Three Participatory Sessions (2-3 hours each): June 2022
Research creation period: July 2022
Artist Concept & Storyboard Submission: July 31, 2022
Artist Concept & Storyboard Approval: August 15, 2022
Production and Post-Production Dates: August 15 – September 30, 2022
Video Submitted: September 30, 2022
10 Ways Launch: October 24, 2022
Online Release Dates: October 24, 2022 – January 1, 2023

For more information and to apply visit docs.google.com.

Product by TRAction, visit tractionart.wixsite.com for more information.

TRAction is a dynamic collective of interdisciplinary artists who actively and publicly address issues of climate justice.

Although the projects are primarily facilitated and organized by Melanie Kloetzel and Kevin Jesuino, TRAction expands and contracts to include other interested allies, professionals, scientists, volunteers and artists who work at the intersection of art-making and climate change. Using diverse methods of artistic creation, TRAction addresses complex environmental issues and advocates for climate justice for all humans and species.

TRAction aims to generate, respond to and incite active and open dialogue with the public through a myriad of artistic mediums, including contemporary performance, street theatre, posters, site dance, installation, publications, parades, blogs, graffiti, ritual, festivals, and more.

TRAction envisions a future where all species have the right to a safe and healthy environment, a future where society values the role that art has in creating lasting and meaningful change.

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