2021 Multifaith Calendar

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2021 Multifaith Calendar

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

Each year, the Multifaith Action Society invites artists to submit works of art for publication in our upcoming Multifaith Calendar.

The theme for our upcoming 2021 edition is Living Legacies.

Deadline for Submissions: January 31, 2020

We believe this theme is open to a wide variety of interpretations and leaves open the possibility for a rich array of artistic submissions.

View our 2021 MFC call for submissions poster attached.

What do we want to leave our children? Do we want to leave polluted air, ravaged forests, dying oceans and polluted garbage dumps? Or do we want to clean up our act and create natural beauty and wonder in every landscape. Do we want to leave a world in conflict or a world that values peace, cooperation, and respect? How do we create living legacies for our children, friends, neighbours to inherit?

Our planet is our most precious resource. It sustains us, supports us, and is our home. We need to love our home planet and honour one another so we can live happy, meaningful, fulfilled lives. Let’s think about and imagine the living legacies we could leave – so our children can walk freely in nature, grow food in their own back yards, swim in pristine oceans, and foster enduring respect and love for our communities as well as each other.

2021 Multifaith Calendar – Living legacies

Please submit (up to five) works of art in any medium that personifies our theme. Our aim is to include a variety of interpretations of the theme, creating a visually cohesive calendar. We encourage all artists to submit images, including artists who have had their work showcased in the past.

Our aim is to produce a calendar that will showcase a variety of interpretations on our theme while creating a visually cohesive publication. We encourage all artists to submit images, including artists who have had their work showcased in past Multifaith Calendars.

Submission Guidelines

Artists can submit up to five works for consideration and artwork on this theme can be submitted in any medium. All artists are invited to submit including those who have never been featured in the calendar and those who have been featured in past editions. Ultimately, the interpretation of the theme will be determined by the overall collection of images received.

How We Pay Artists

Selected artists will be offered an honorarium of $250 per monthly calendar image, $500 for the cover image, and $100 for smaller inset images placed throughout the Calendar. In addition, featured artists will receive a set of complimentary calendars once published.

How to Submit Entries

Submit digital images (up to five) in low resolution (JPG/72 DPI) by email to artsubmissions@multifaithaction.org.

Should a piece be chosen, we will contact the artist and request a high-resolution version of the image (min 400 DPI).

Additional information can also be found on our Multifaith Calendar web site, visit multifaithcalendar.org.

Address any questions to artsubmissions@multifaithaction.org.

Best of luck and we look forward to your submissions!

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