2022 Multifaith Calendar

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2022 Multifaith Calendar

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

Opportunity for Visual Artists
Deadline for Submissions: January 31, 2021

Each year, the Multifaith Action Society invites artists to submit works of art for publication in our upcoming multifaith calendar.

The theme for our upcoming 2022 edition is resilience.

We believe this theme is open to a wide variety of interpretations and leaves open the possibility for a rich array of artistic submissions.

Review the attached PDF of our 2021 MFC call for submissions poster below.

Even in the midst of unexpected change and turmoil, somehow life goes on. And more than that, it thrives.

Forests fill with new growth, just a short time after experiencing devastating wildfire. Previously endangered whales and turtles bounce back in abundance, the moment they are given a chance. Communities find new ways to come together and develop creative solutions to their most long-standing problems. Neighbours reach out—perhaps for the first time—to share food and supplies with one another. Family bonds strengthen; children and grandparents are even more cherished than before. And people learn that taking risks, making mistakes, and accepting setbacks are all inevitable parts of life. Without them, we could never grow or learn.

Challenges bring suffering, it is true, but they also bring new opportunities. They give us a fresh start. A second chance to improve ourselves and our societies. They teach us courage and humility. During such times, we often have no choice but to stare down our personal and communal imperfections. To see ourselves and others as we really are. The process is painful, but it is also a necessary truth-telling. For it allows us to deepen into empathy and acceptance. And through it, we are purified together, like coal into diamonds.

2022 Multifaith Calendar – Resilience

Please submit your art (up to five individual pieces) in any medium that personifies our theme. We would like to include many different interpretations of resilience, which together will create a beautiful and visually cohesive calendar. All artists are invited to contribute, including those who have had their work showcased with us in the past.

Submission Guidelines

Artists can submit up to five works for consideration and artwork on this theme can be submitted in any medium. All artists are invited to submit including those who have never been featured in the calendar and those who have been featured in past editions. Ultimately, the interpretation of the theme will be determined by the overall collection of images received.

How We Pay Artists

Selected artists will be offered an honorarium of $250 per monthly calendar image, $500 for the cover image, and $100 for smaller inset images placed throughout the calendar. In addition, featured artists will receive a set of complimentary calendars once published.

How to Submit Entries

Submit digital images (up to five) in low resolution (JPG/72DPI) to artsubmissions@multifaithaction.org.

Should your piece be chosen, we will contact the artist and request a high-resolution version of the image (min 400DPI).

Additional information can also be found by visiting multifaithcalendar.org.

Address any questions to artsubmissions@multifaithaction.org.

Best of luck and we look forward to your submissions!

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