Abstract Art on Paper Course

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Abstract Art on Paper Course

Date: Sunday, March 11 and 18, 2023
Time: 1 to 4pm

For more information and to register visit vancouverislandsculptingstudio.com.

This is a 6-hour workshop — 2 weekly sessions of 3 hours.

Level: Beginner and intermediate
Capacity: 8 students per class

In this course, we will explore abstract drawing with colour that may include painting and collage. During experimenting with mark-making, value, colour and composition, we will talk about why we are attracted to abstraction in art and how it reveals our individuality.

Although we will work in pure abstraction, all of these ideas and skills apply to representational art in all mediums. This course is appropriate for both the beginner and the experienced artist. Students will be able to walk away from this exploration with a deeper knowledge of their personal creative process and responses to visual art. I will introduce many techniques and tools for abstract drawing and mixed media. Throughout the sessions, we will discuss how value and colour create powerful compositions in the artwork.

You will also take home a number of artworks on paper. These may be finished works or starting points for new work in your art practice. There is a place for everyone regardless of experience because we never stop learning, growing and changing.

Cost: Registration fee $190 + materials $30 + GST
Total: $235.40 tax included

Materials provided: paper, graphite sticks, charcoal, wax crayons, chalk pastels, oil pastels, India ink, brushes, acrylic paint and mediums. Get ready to get dirty. You may also bring drawing and painting materials that you like to use.

Session One: Abstract Drawing in Black and White

  • Experimental mark-making using conventional and unconventional tools.
  • Creating a full range of value in any drawing.
  • Controlling composition in abstract artwork.
  • The freedom and constraint in expressive abstraction.

Session Two: Abstract Drawing with Colour

  • Combining drawing, painting and mixed media.
  • Exploring the power of colour to move us.
  • Experimentation with colour harmonies.
  • Understanding value, depth and unity in artwork.

Artwork from the course

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