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Call for Entry Deadline: April 25, 2021
Alberta Craft Feature Gallery – Edmonton Exhibition Dates: June 25 – October 24, 2021

Has the pandemic left you with the need for some comic relief? We invite craft artists working in all traditional and contemporary craft media to join in the fun and to submit your interpretations of kitsch craft.

We are seeking examples of kitsch craft that shares a knowing wink with the viewer. Craft that wears kitsch on its velour sleeve as a rhinestone badge of honour. Craft that’s appeal is found in its bad taste and ironic value.

Share a laugh with us as we prepare to deck the gallery with craft so gaudy, ostentatious, flashy, tacky, trite, sentimental, melodramatic, and overdone—it will take your breath away.

Indications you are hitting the kitsch craft sweet spot:

  • Subverts the rules around good taste.
  • Crosses one, or better yet several lines.
  • Makes you laugh and cringe all at once.

The pandemic has brought about a challenging time for the creative community and many craft artists are working under difficult financial constraints. With this in mind, we invite you to creatively use supplies and objects you already have on hand or that are readily available at a low cost.

Submission Content

  • One to five professional quality images of work for consideration.
  • Image list: Title, year created, dimensions, materials, and techniques.
  • A short statement about the work.
  • Your artist bio.
  • Your portrait.
  • Must be a current Alberta Craft Council member (Student, General or Professional).

To submit, and for questions please contact the exhibition team, email

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