Accepting Writing Submissions

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Accepting Writing Submissions

Opportunity: Paid
Dates: For mid-August 2024 publication
Subjects: Short stories, creative non-fiction, poetry

As part of a new venture launched in 2024, we are looking for submissions! Over the next year we will be putting together an anthology of published works (alongside our blog), to harness modern creative power in order to re-think and re-imagine the image of the Wild West.

We want to tell stories about the change and growth that we’ve experienced, and to paint a new picture of what it looks like to be a part of the Wild West. From there? Who knows! But we know it will be an adventure.

What We’re Looking For

We are targeting submissions from North-Western Canada (Alberta, BC, NWT, Yukon), but we are open to submissions from other areas, as long as the theme of the writing is closely linked to the themes described below:

  • Short stories (looking for approx. 15– 20 stories); our ideal target is 1,800 words per story, but of course that is flexible
  • Creative non-fiction (looking for approx. 15 – 20 stories); our ideal target is 1,800 words per story, but of course that is flexible
  • Poetry (looking for approx. six poems); our ideal target is one page, single spaced, but of course that is flexible

Subjects should tie to the new Wild West: What does it mean to be a part of a Western culture in 2024? How have you (or your characters) changed, overcome struggle, adapted, tried new things, put humanity first, fought against stereotypes, lived in a different way? We want stories about adventures, the outdoors, animals, cowboy gear, what it means to be Wild, what it means to be Western

Most of all, we are into inclusivity, seeing the humanity in others, and adaptation to a new and exciting world.

For more information (including pay guidelines) and to submit, please visit or email us at


Our goal is to release this book (250 pages, 8.35″ x 11″) in mid August 2024.

While we do not have a submission close deadline as of yet, please subscribe to our Newsletter.

We will notify you within 30 days, if your submission has been accepted. Due to time constraints, we will not be notifying those who are not accepted at this time.


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