Acting Up

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Acting Up

With Tom Carey and Christian Goutsis

In this three-session online workshop led by sought-after acting coaches Tom Carey and Christian Goutsis, both emerging and experienced actors are invited to advance and expand their approach to self-submissions and the virtual audition room. With an emphasis on what is needed to book in this market, participants will prepare and shoot self-tapes for assessment and feedback, as well as audition in our virtual space for smaller one-line roles eventually advancing to scenes with larger roles. Participants receive valuable feedback and insight into their home set-up, as well as their performances, from experienced working professionals. Gain practical experience to help develop the confidence and skills to be successful with self-submissions, and in any audition room, including a virtual one.

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3 classes Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday – Online

Dates: October 25, 27, 29, 2022
Times: Tuesday/Thursday 6 to 9pm, Saturday, 1 to 4pm
Fee: $325+GST
Maximum participants: 8
Age: 15+

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