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Affect Effect Infect at the Resonance Art Studio


The submission deadline for this opportunity has passed.

Looking for two other artists to contribute work for the show titled Affect/Effect/Infect.

Affect (verb) means to produce a change or influence something. Effect (noun) indicates an event whereby a change has occurred. Infect (verb) affect a person with a disease-causing organism.

Artworks may explore the theme of sound, the spread of ideas, politics and influence. It may question the ways that influential speakers and ideas affect individuals and world events. Showing how powerful words can make a difference.

Demonstrating how an influential idea can be spread around the world, for better or for worse. The artwork may include a variety of media including print media, painting etc.

To see the artwork that Resonance Art Studio will be displaying and the inspiration for this show please visit

Participating artists may use the space for workshops that relate to their proposed artwork during the week.

Requirements of the artist:

  • Install (July 1, 2019) and take down (July 7, 2019) artwork and bring all required equipment for display.
  • One six hour shift in the gallery.
  • Promote the show on social media.
  • Attend the reception on July 4.

To apply, fill out the google form at

Curated by Resonance Art Studio

Location: Small Space Pop Up Shop (102, 424 10th St. NW)
Dates: July 1 – 7, 2019
Fee: $200 for rental of space. No commission taken, 100% of sales to artist.
Deadline for Proposals: May 31, 2019
Notification of Successful Artists: June 9, 2019

Main Space: 150 square-foot self-contained/private retail space which includes a small reception table, two stools, cable wall hanging system, adjustable track lighting, top-down/bottom-up blinds and two power outlets. The space consists of four walls; two walls are floor-to-ceiling windows, and the other two walls are white brick/cement. The flooring is laminate. The store is located on the ground level of the building.

Amenities: Electricity, ground floor level, natural light, lighting, WiFi, one parking stall and heating.

Please do not contact Small Space with questions as this show is organized and curated by Resonance Art Studio. Email with any questions.

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