Afros In Tha City Writer’s Fund Campaign

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Afros In Tha City Writer’s Fund Campaign

We’re Afros in Tha City, a media collective dedicated to amplifying Black voices in Mohkínstsis/Calgary. We’re running a campaign to raise $4,000 so we can better support our writers in 2022, and we are wondering if you could help us by supporting our campaign via featuring it in your newsletter, posting on social, amplifying and/or financially supporting it.

If you’re wondering what you’ll be contributing to, here are some of the reasons we started Afros in Tha City:

  • We wanted a platform where the breadth of the Black experience could be explored with nuance
  • We wanted to be the ones to tell our own stories
  • We wanted to open a door for Black youth to be included in public dialogue
  • We wanted to build up the Black community in Mohkínstsis and foster a sense of belonging
  • We wanted a hyper-local, trope-less, stereotype-less, platform where Black voices could be amplified

If this is what you want to see too, we’ll be grateful for your help! Together, we can build a better media scene.

For more information and to support, visit

All the best, the Afros In Tha City team.

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