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From art to essays and every email in between! Join for an informative discussion on AI’s growing influence on writing, art and the everyday.

Is AI changing how we write, create art, and even what we know about authorship and production?

Find out Thursday, February 9, 2023, 12:30 – 1:30 pm MT.

Given the recent lawsuit against Stable Diffusion for their alleged use of unauthorized copies of artists’ work, the short answer is yes. But, these questions go beyond ownership when predictive text and AI art shape word choice and artistic practice through everyday apps that users may not think twice about.

How can predictive text, like Gmail’s smart compose, shape the way we communicate? Does it erase certain styles of communication?

What should non-profits, artists and technologists know about the tools they use in everyday life, and is there anything they can do about it?

How can artists adapt, respond or reject AI art’s impacts on their artistic practice?

Is a student who uses AI writing tools on their essay cheating? Or, is it similar to the use of word processing software instead of a typewriter?

Join Crystal Chokshi & Sahr Saffa as they discuss these and other questions on the growing influence of everyday AI, the implications for creative industries, and what this means for everyone.

Crystal Chokshi is an assistant professor at Mount Royal University’s School of Communication Studies. Her research explores the profound shifts AI is enacting on what it means to write. Understanding what word-prediction AI is by documenting what it does, she argues that it transforms words into vehicles for data capture, data generation and wealth accumulation for massive technology companies.

Sahr Saffa is the Founder at C-Tribe Festival + Conference: an arts, technology and creativity festival driven by diversity. A gathering IRL and in the metaverse, C-Tribe is building a world that’s architected by more and owned by all, led by the cultural and creative communities. Sahr is also a part of a Bay Area startup, AutonomIQ, that specializes in AI-enabled software testing, as the Director of Marketing that was recently acquired by Sauce Labs.

We open this online webinar to all community practitioners in the nonprofit, public & private sectors including digital activists, tech entrepreneurs, academics, students and others interested in the potential — and perils — of using social impact technology to tackle wicked challenges in our local communities. No prior tech knowledge required!

Bring your questions, comments and curiosity. We can’t wait to see you!

For more information and to register visit

The Digital Commons is a community-based webcast initiative developed through the Centre for Social Impact Technology, meant to reach the community on intersectional issues that matter to them.

The new city-wide Centre for Social Impact Technology nurtures dialogue, learning and action where social innovation and digital technology innovation meet.

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