Anti-Racism Capacity-Building Fund

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Anti-Racism Capacity-Building Fund

The deadline for opportunity has passed.

The anti-racism capacity-building funding supports collaborative, community-based initiatives that build the capacity of organizations to facilitate policy and systems change that undo systemic racism.

A total of up to $600,000 is available.

City Council has approved up to $250,000 for this fund. To receive funding, organizations must be registered under provincial or federal statutes. Collaboration between registered organizations and non-registered organizations is strongly encouraged.

In addition, the Calgary Foundation and the United Way of Calgary and Area have contributed an additional $350,000. While most funds will be allocated through this call for funding proposals, some funds may be earmarked for future investment to scale up initiatives demonstrating strong results.

Application Period

You can apply at from July 24 to September 18, 2020, at 11:59pm.

If you have questions during this application period, contact us at at any time.

If you wish to connect with other organizations or groups interested in collaborating on an anti-racism, capacity-building initiative, we will be able to do so on the collaboration and crowdsourcing platform provided by The City of Calgary’s Innovation Lab. We will post additional information about this online collaboration platform by August 4, 2020.

You may also wish to attend our virtual information session which will be announced by August 10, 2020.


The City of Calgary, and the Calgary Police Service, recognize that systemic racism exists in our community, our government, our organization and our institutions.

This call for funding proposals is seeking applications for collaborative initiatives that build the capacity of organizations to identify and undo systemic racism changing practices, policies, structures, and systems.

For more information or to apply, visit

Applicants must demonstrate how their initiative achieves one or more of the following objectives:

  • Form and create sustainability plans for new collaborative initiatives between one or more organizations to advance anti-racism. Or strengthen and create sustainability plans for existing collaborative initiatives between one or more organizations to advance anti-racism.
  • Develop policy change and implementation plans that work to undo systemic racism.
  • Identify service gaps and develop anti-racist system change strategies and implementation plans.
  • Attend, develop, or deploy training/education to further anti-racism work (can include training/education focused on capacity to do policy/system change work).
  • Applicants may identify one other objective for their capacity-building initiative that aligns with the intent of the fund.

Applications must align with one (or more) of these City of Calgary policies:

The following documents are provided as additional background information:

  • FCSS Funding Framework (Policy & Systems Change pillar)
  • Enough for All (“Reducing racism and discrimination and promoting diversity” & “Implementing the 94 calls to action of the TRC”)

Visit for more details and apply by 11:59pm on September 18, 2020.

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