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Artistic Director

We are looking for our next artistic director!

Deadline: May 23, 2022 – or until an appropriate match is found.

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About the Position

The artistic director is a new paid position at Chromatic Theatre that aims to support and provide compensation for the leadership necessary for the company at its current state of growth. Chromatic Theatre is moving away from being a founder-driven organization at a unique time. We value cultivating creativity and community, and we are looking for something that will understand the importance of leading with care, compassion, cultural-humility, and be prepared to honour the needs of our ever-shifting community with rigor, thoughtfulness and accountability.

We envision that this position will grow into a full time position or a shared leadership position in the coming years. We are open to receiving applications from candidates at a variety of stages in their careers — including co-applicants. Our current Artistic Director Jenna has the capacity to help the job transition to the end of 2022, should that be of interest to candidates. It is important that we carry forward the positive energy and momentum of Chromatic Theatre as it transitions to its next chapter.

Chromatic Theatre is looking for their next artistic director

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