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Arts Alberta Digital Readiness

Call for Feedback

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Arts Alberta Digital Readiness Survey 2020

This post is to make the public aware of the Arts Alberta Digital Transformation Initiative (AADTI) a project that has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund.

For more information and to take part in the survey, visit

We at AADTI are pursuing a knowledge gathering exercise to gauge the scale of awareness, acceptance, and implementation of a digital strategy transitional roll out, within the Alberta arts and cultural ecosystem. Our mission is to mobilize, seed the untapped potential, of the provincial creative community, to adapt democratize, utilize and monetize their niche practice, services and content creation.

The issues that we believe artists and the arts community have always faced is how do today’s online consuming citizens find art, engage in art and art process. Now, in light of global crisis we are in, how does the arts community transform their operations, activities and programs into the digital space, to reach, engage, generate revenue, and meet the digital consumption needs of these citizens. During this COVID-19 crisis, we also have the added issues of isolation, disruption of activities due to social distancing and a greater loss of ability to generate revenue from their activities.

Previous to COVID-19 our global community of citizens used video as their primary source of information, knowledge (research shows 71% of the population consume 5.2-7 hours a day at a rate of 4.6 million video downloads a minute). This has now seen a 500% increase in online engagement. Our initiative is to help the arts community investigate this fundamental shift in communications and see if, a technology like the one we are proposing, could be configured to create more discoverability and engagement with these citizens better utilize the digital space and bridge this terrible COVID-19 crisis.

We hope to create an open dialogue and offer solutions which afford the community the ability to re-think their activities in a new kind of aggregated digital space combining video, documents, social media links and e-commerce. Our initiative is to explore the idea of utilizing a new form of streaming technology to customizing their digital space to allow them to engage directly with their audiences (no third party distractions), control their narrative and their own monetization.

If artists and arts organizations were given the opportunity to run and customize their own global streaming platforms (like Netflix or YouTube platform) what would artists do? How could it change their economy? In order to explore these questions, and demonstrate what we have developed, the community needs to know this opportunity exists.

We at AADTI have developed a new online platform technology which we believe will help the arts sector transform of their activities, more effectively, to the digital online space.

We are first, looking to gather feedback with a simple digital readiness survey. Then do a follow-up, and a chat about the questionnaire, and do a video show and tell demonstration of possible operational models, offer ideas and solutions to help re-think artist activities in digital ways and how they might use this technology to their advantage.

In order for a company to even survive, let alone thrive in the digital age, it must embrace and encourage new ways of working, create a culture of innovation, and put the customer and audience at the heart of everything it does. Ultimately, in the new digital age of business, the traditional siloed, inward-looking technology, change is simply not enough. There must be innovation, collaboration and empowerment at every level to deliver value for the consumer.

Please assist us with feedback about where your organization is at, with regards to digital readiness and transformation, by filling out a fast and easy survey see link attached.

Then we would welcome the opportunity at your earliest convenience to set up a video call with you, demonstrate a prototype, open a dialogue about this solution and have your input become a vital part of our Digital Strategy Fund research project.

Please fill out the survey to assist with our knowledge gathering project and book your virtual follow-up and prototype demonstration, visit

For questions email

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