Arts and Crafts Workshops

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Arts and Crafts Workshops

Announcing the Greenwood Hub Art Studio

We are excited to introduce the Greenwood Hub Art Studio, your destination for creativity and inspiration!

What to Expect:

  • Explore a variety of art forms through interactive workshops through Zoom or in person.
  • Dive into a wealth of knowledge with our online videos.
  • Join our compassionate senior companion services.
  • Enjoy wine and paint night events.
  • Foster team building through art.
  • Engage with community groups.
  • Celebrate birthdays with art.

In-Person Workshops

Join us for hands-on sessions where you can express your creativity.

Online Workshops and Videos

Explore our online workshops and videos hosted through Zoom, available on our website.

Visit to embark on a creative journey like no other. The Greenwood Hub Art Studio is here to nurture your talent and build a vibrant artistic community.

Join us to create and celebrate the beauty of art.

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