Arts & Culture at the Lougheed Building

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A photo of the Lougheed Building

Arts & Culture at the Lougheed Building

Allied is a leading owner, manager and developer of (i) distinctive urban workspace in Canada’s major cities and (ii) network-dense urban data centres in Toronto that form Canada’s hub for global connectivity.

Through its urban workspace and urban data centre space, Allied provides knowledge-based organizations with distinctive environments for creativity and connectivity.

Allied is known for the adaptive re-use of light industrial structures, typically featuring high ceilings, natural light, greenery, exposed structural frames and interior brick. As part of our Make Room for the Arts program, Allied works with artists to integrate art and cultural experiences into our buildings and surrounding public realm, to create value for artists, our users, and overall community.

The Opportunity: Arts & Culture at the Lougheed Building

The Lougheed Block consists of two structures: a pre-First World War mixed-use commercial building (the Lougheed Building) built in an L-shape around the adjoining Grand Theatre. The building has served as a major centre of commercial activity for most of the twentieth century and was home to some of Alberta’s most important political organizations and businesses.

Project Scope

Allied is committed to support arts and culture throughout the communities where we operate. To increase the presence of arts and culture at Lougheed, we are looking for an arts organization to lead the implementation of programs in partnership with our operations team.

Art Installation: There are five inserts on the brick wall within the lightwell of the Lougheed Building (see below photos). These inserts are a perfect space for an art installation. The selected artist will complete and install the work to the outlined expectations. There is an opportunity for this to be a rotating installation featuring multiple artists and their work, or one static installation.

Other Artist Programming: We are interested in expanding artist engagement throughout the Lougheed building. We believe there is potential to position this building as an arts and culture landmark in Calgary. Please include one to three other possible ideas that could integrate arts and culture into the building, this may include the exterior façade or public realm.

Submission Requirements

Please submit the following to Eleanor Deacon at by Friday October 29, 2021:

  • Description of the timeline and process.
  • Expected budget for the insert installation and for other ideas suggested, where possible, please provide details on fees provided to artists.
  • Short list of potential artists that might be considered for this opportunity.
  • Please also provide any experience you have with respect to artist workspace management and sourcing artist tenants.


The specifications for the brick wall inserts for the art installation are as follows:

  • Five inserts with the following dimensions:
    • Height: 19’ 3”
    • Width: 12’
  • The inserts are visible from the office workspaces on the second, third, fourth, and fifth floors.
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