Arts, Culture, and Digital Transformation Summit

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Arts, Culture, and Digital Transformation Summit

During this three-day summit, we will consider our digital futures—the good and the troublesome—and strive to create an ambitious vision for the role the arts must play in fostering creative, inspiring, and humane realities.

What Does the Summit Offer?

The Arts, Culture, and Digital Transformation Summit moves from world to art to the audience, connecting the expansive with the practical. We will seek the intersection of two fundamental questions: Where are the arts needed in this disrupted world? And, what do the arts need to expand creative visions there? Join in this dialogue with a breadth of stakeholders including artists, arts and culture leaders, technologists, futurists, funders, policymakers, gamers, researchers, capitalists, and Marxists.

Together we will absorb big questions around big data, delve into discoverability, and explore relationships with rapidly evolving audiences. We will investigate new modes of reality and new ways of making and disseminating creative expressions. We will encounter Indigenous views and practices, and explore how Indigenous voices inform our digital landscapes. We will seek to understand how Canada’s digital arts opportunity connects to larger strategies for our nation as a whole.

Throughout the summit, an ongoing evaluation will surface key themes and concerns in conversations, and structure responsive dialogues. With luck, we will find ourselves in a transformational moment for how we might imagine, create, and occupy our digital selves and the worlds they call forth.

Who Should Attend?

We welcome all who seek to contribute to a national conversation around the emerging pressures and opportunities arising in a hyper-digitized world, and how we find and make meaning there. The summit is aimed at a cross-section of cultural leadership including:

  • Artists seeking to find the audacity to dream of the digital world with a critical, enthusiastic, expansive lens; while seeking increased practical literacy on how to navigate the wild world of digital opportunities.
  • Cultural leaders seeking to adapt and evolve organizations, institutions and companies towards the realities of an increasingly digitized world.
  • Technologists looking to build new practices and networks.
  • Researchers eager to understand the emerging complications and opportunities surrounding digital literacy.
  • Policymakers and funders striving to navigate the disrupted landscape of audiences, practices, indicators, and industries.
  • Everyone who has come to realize the need to build new networks, new literacies, and new enthusiasm for a world that is increasingly of our own making.

Summit Dates: November 22 – 24, 2019
Registration Deadline: November 5, 2019

Please Note: Registration is first-come, first-served as space is limited.

There are multiple passes and packages available. For more information and to register online, visit

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