Artstrek 2021 Levelled Up

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Artstrek 2021 Levelled Up

Have you heard the news! We’ve levelled up Artstrek 2021! We’ve discovered that our collective capacities for intense online engagement are just too low to proceed with the week-long explorations that we originally planned. But we really want to give theatre-loving Albertan teens a chance to get together, meet some awesome theatre artists and instructors, and have some fun with the Artstrek super team, all in a safe and welcoming way.

So, we’ve morphed Artstrek into something completely different for the summer of 2021! Artstrek programming is now more flexible, allowing teens to choose which activities they want to attend based on their interests and preferences. Take an acting workshop, learn about design, or hang out with the Artstrek supers. It’s totally up to you.

This levelled up version of Artstrek 2021 is free to attend and is open to all Albertan teens between 12 and 18 years of age who love live theatre!

It’s on now until July 22, 2021. Come and check it out!

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