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Audio Description Training

Are you a Calgary-based artist looking to learn more about accessibility? Would you like to help serve and be an ally to the blind/low vision community? Do you enjoy going to shows and watching theatre? Then becoming a live-theatre audio describer for blind and low vision patrons might just be the gig for you!

Inside Out Theatre is thrilled to host audio describer training and we would love for you to take part and to join our roster of Good Hosts!

Here’s What We’re Proposing


This training will be led by Col Cseke, Mark Hopkins and Ashley King and will include an orientation to blind culture, a Q&A session with past described performance audiences, an introduction to The Good Host Program, describing training, and a chance to experience a described performance in action!


  • November 2, 2022: Evening pre-session Zoom meeting: Orientation to Blind Culture, The Good Host, and a Q&A with Blind artists.
  • November 7, 2022: Full day, in-person at Inside Out Theatre, including an overview of Touch Tours, Pre-show and Action Descriptions, How the A.D. gear works, and practice on video clips.
  • November 8, 2022: Full day, in-person at Inside Out Theatre, including a continuation of practicing on videos, a real-time walk through of Mark’s preparations for the following days Described performance.
  • November 9, 2022: Evening described performance of Importance of Being Earnest at Theatre Calgary, including gear set up with Col and Ashley in the lobby, greeting and guiding guests, and listening to the audio description by Mark.

Compensation: We’re able to offer a $300 honorarium for your time spent in training.

We’ll have more info to share in the coming month, but for now please let us know if you’re interested and available for this round of training.  If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to ask!

Please contact Ashley at for all interests and inquiries.

If you’re unable to make this training, but know someone who might be perfect for our team, please feel free to share their name, contact info, and why you think they’re great!

Please note that in our efforts to match the ever-growing diversity on our stages, we will be giving priority to BIPOC attendees

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