Basic Income

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Basic Income

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Learn about some of the latest developments in the campaign for basic income in Canada and how you can help.

Join EAR (Elephant Artist Relief Society) on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 7pm for a workshop on basic income presented by We’re Together Ending Poverty (WTEP).

WTEP is a member of Basic Income Calgary, whose mission states: We believe in and support the creation of a basic income guarantee program that would create a regular, predictable income, universally and unconditionally available to all who need it, and sufficient to provide for a decent lifestyle and enable full participation in the community.

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About Elephant Artist Relief Society

Elephant Artist Relief Society is a registered charity that provides practical resources to artists in Calgary and surrounding areas to help sustain their wellbeing and livelihood. EAR provides emergency relief funding, personal care resources, professional practice programming, and access to group health insurance.


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