Basics of Letterpress

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Basics of Letterpress

Interactive live online demo!

Pressing Onwards – Basics Of Letterpress

Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Registration Cost: $10
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Learn about the history and evolution of letterpress printing and how you can incorporate it into your printmaking practice. Michelle Wiebe will discuss options available for home printing as well as Alberta Printmakers’ Vandercook SP-15. Using a Kelsey tabletop press during the demonstration, she will guide you through basic terminology, press operation, as well as show you basic, lock up techniques for type and linocuts. There will also be plenty of time for questions throughout this interactive demonstration.

Having spent many years learning how to restore and operate a variety of letterpress equipment during her time at the Canadian Museum of Making as well as the Strathmore Standard at Heritage Park, Michelle will also touch on purchasing and restoring your own press, where to acquire type and all sorts of local resources that can lead you further into your letterpress journey. This is a wonderful introduction or refresher to anyone who is curious about the potential of letterpress printing in their own artistic practice as well as for those who may have inherited some equipment and are not sure where to start with restoring it and getting it into service – it is easier than you think!

About Caring Through Printmaking

We recognize that folks in Calgary and around the world are currently facing very important and impactful global issues.

Now, more than ever, we need ways to make and celebrate art (as professional development, relief, escape, self-care, and as a way to self-express, etc). At the same time, many of us may be financially strained or needing to focus financial resources elsewhere at the moment.

In the spirit of care through printmaking, if you’d like, you can register for this demo free of charge, no questions asked.

To access this rate, simply enter the coupon code CARETHROUGHPRINT when processing your purchase or registration in the checkout.

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