MOMENTA Biennale 2025 Call

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MOMENTA Biennale 2025 Call

Deadline: May 14, 2024

MOMENTA is launching its call for submissions for its 2025 edition. The Biennale invites Canadian artists and artist collectives, emerging and established, to submit a project to show us their works connected with the Biennale’s theme, whether at the ideation or the production stage.

In Praise of the Missing Image

In a world saturated with images, some, strangely, are lacking. The 2025 edition of MOMENTA seeks to explore the potentialities of missing images to renew narratives relating to time, history, and the world. The programmation will open spaces for dialogue, hospitality, and the expression of struggles and solidarities wherein decolonial and feminist pedagogies and ancestral knowledge intersect.

Ever since the invention of photography and film, and their proliferation during the colonial expansion of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, an ideological link was formed between these media and the construction of dominant narratives. This connection has been particularly evident in the production of figures of alterity – geographic, cultural, racial, economic – and in certain resulting historical blind spots. Narratives that fell outside this frame were swept away, and these stories have been either truncated or simply disappeared. With a focus on what is beyond our view – the silences and breaches in individual and collective memory – the Biennale will explore both contemporary challenges in relation to the image and the current consequences of the complex dynamics involved in constructing narratives. Which stories are told, how, and by whom? Through the unruly material of art, In Praise of the Missing Image invites us to imagine collectively the means, political and poetic, by which we may inhabit the impasses of the present and sketch out ways toward the future.

We are looking for works that explore the potentialities of missing images to renew narratives relating to time, history, and the world. We wish to investigate multiple perspectives including, but not limited to, invisibilization, infiltration, erasure, fugitivity, hospitality, solidarity, archipelagic thinking, decolonization, new narratives, mechanisms of exclusion, hybridization, etc.

We are interested in works that involve the notion of the image, including installations, experiential works, and other forms. We will pay special attention to works that are new or have not been exhibited in Quebec and/or in Tiohti’á:ke / Mooniyang / Montreal.

From a perspective of openness and self-reflection, MOMENTA aspires to adopt a flexible and caring attitude. We therefore invite artists from a variety of horizons, origins, and career stages to submit a project. In addition, applicants who are experiencing challenges supplying materials in the form requested may contact our team at to make special arrangements for making a submission.

MOMENTA also pays particular attention to eco-responsibility and encourages artists to submit proposals that are respectful of and sensitive to environmental issues.

Only proposals for art projects related to the theme, In Praise of the Missing Image, and consistent with MOMENTA’s mission will be considered. Please do not send proposals for exhibition curation.

Full submission guidelines

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