Bikablo Basics

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Bikablo Basics

Level up your facilitation, presentation, training and coaching by adding simple and powerful drawing skills with the Bikablo method.

Through this training you will be introduced to, and learn to use, simple techniques for creating graphic elements, containers, people and symbols. In this way, you develop the basic skills to create custom logos and simple diagrams to enhance communication materials and presentations.

What’s covered in the the training?

  • How to hold a marker, seriously it matters!
  • Confidently draw lines and make visible marks on a large scale.
  • Create containers and text boxes to structure content.
  • Learn how to create icons and visual concepts by combining basic shapes (no art skills needed).
  • Learn a technique to quickly draw people.
  • Add shadows and color to drawings to add depth, dimension, and create meaning.

Create a final project that incorporates everything covered in the training into a tangible example such as an agenda, process, model, or roadmap.

Dates: March 4 & 5, 2022 (online, four two-hour sessions)

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